KKVLolyan is a combination of two sister companies – K-Kiremode ventures (KKV) and Lolyan Consults.

K-kiremode Ventures is a company registered in 2005 to carry on the business of general merchants, contracts and supplies.

Lolyan Consults, registered in 2007, is a management and human resources consulting firm that majors in training, learning and development, which is an arm of human resources. It is involved in other arms of human resources, which include recruitment and placement, payroll administration and soon on.

At KKVLolyan, we have seasoned and qualified personnel and the group CEO is a versatile and astute person.


  • Be a person of integrity
  • Treat all customers excellently
  • Work with passion and determination
  • Be organized and presentable
  • Communicate proactively and properly
  • Be a team player
  • Be excited about learning
  • Be creative, do all things well leaving no stone unturned
  • Go the extra mile